Mummies Mask Online


The First Shaft of Light

The subtle click of a pressure plate, the grinding and whirring sound of traps being reloaded. The sweat falling into his eyes as he ran. The crushing of the sarcophagus, the dread mirrors mark, and iron cobra. In a cold sweat Norityr woke up breathing heavily. He looked around for a price of paper and charcoal, and started sketching. He had been approaching it all wrong… he had gone into the tomb of Aken Teppi looking for monsters, but that wasn’t right…
Eureka! He started sketching arteries and limbs and water and air and came to a frightening revelation that would change the way he moved forever. He starred in knowing horror at the sketch in his hands…

The tomb was the monster all along.



raylyynsedai Flyer777

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