Mummies Mask Online

Fuck this Tomb

Level Up

Frustration and anger cloud Havoc’s mind. He saved his anger and blessings all through out the tomb. He saved all his might to Unleash Caiden’s power with Havok’s unbridled fury against the master of this tomb. Only to find at the end a metal cobra? Havok slathered at the mouth with the battle to come after the cobra fell. He replayed the battle to come over and over in his mind; His fellows and he lead by Caiden’s blessings feeling a ancient evil in the sands. After he stood over the metal cobra in which he fell to land a single blow on and realized the tomb was beaten and all that was at the end was a snake. Havok shook with rage and yelled “Fuck this tomb”. (Havok’s defining moment was learning to deal with disappointment.)


raylyynsedai sargeholt

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