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Motes of Light From Willow

Somewhere a firefly finds its way home and joins a colony around a giant willow tree…

Journal 1

Journal 2


beofre you leave your home country a priestess of Milani approaches you when you are alone. after exchanging greetings she states simply. "You are part of a very important mission. but i have been given a vision " the vision is two fold one is of an angry Bull with bright golden horns trampling underneath it in desert sands the chains of slavery. the bull breaks hundreds of these chains but behind his rampage another relaces these chains with stronger ones more cruel around the necks of all not just the slaves the bull set free. the second is of an owl on a branch with a few select chains in its talons these chains are attached to a golden mask and on the desert floor below the great owls tree Men and women help take the chains of slavery off the slaves and offer to wash the feet of the slaves." when she has told her vision she has no answers to give you as she believes the answers are not for her to tell but you to figure out..

Motes of Light From Willow
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