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Percius' Travels

It was two days before he was scheduled to leave Nimerathus. It had been almost two decades since he left his home country. He preferred to stay but even his grandkids were asking questions… not to mention the rest of the town. He tried to act old around town, using his cane, pretending he couldn’t hear so well, and many other tactics he got from watching the “Elders” in town. But when a man lives for over 90 years when the average life span is 60, people start to wonder.

So Percy was packing everything. He was gonna be gone for years again when he returned it was unlikely his great grandkids would remember him or that the town would either. Maybe he could take the name of one of his kids, Pharasma guide them, and keep his land.

As these thoughts went through Percius’ mind he carefully packed a trunk and a bag: A couple pages of his spellbook that had survived his drunken rage, his chain shirt he wore when he defeated his Mad Crimson Queen, the short bow he carried the day Nimerathus declared victory. Tools, daggers, books, and more was all carefully packed into the trunk.
Those things most precious however were not, they were kept on Percy at all times. His Woven Mithril Ring, shaped as a dragon biting its own tail, stayed always on a silver chain around is neck. A book full of drawings of loved once bound in leather, with a key to his first home hanging off it, stayed in his pack.
The leather duster with more pockets than should be possible hung around his shoulders. Made impeccably by his wife for his adventure to Nidal.

While not his most precious object, the cane he carried was possibly the most important on for the adventure ahead. It was cut from the staff he wore when he was once a wizard, he had broken the thing in half years ago but when he returned home it still lay in the corner. He took it and carefully cut and sanded it. Then he took the blade of his sword that he had during the rebellion and carefully mated it. By no means a master smith or wood worker, it took percy years to finish his cane, his focus, his weapon.

He was glad to have it as he took a last look around his home and shut the door…

The Ride to Sothis was long and made of many stages, horse rides, carts, boats and walking to get from the north to the port cities. More of the same to get from Astavan to Osarian. Over the weeks, Percius took time to get to know each of his adventuring companions better:

Before leaving Sothis Percius had a rather strange encounter.

While he was sitting in the Inn enjoying a predawn light breakfast A young girl garbbed as a slave approached him and said simply
“Blessed of Osiris My master sends his greetings, he is loath to reveal himself so early in the game, but he wishes this one to assure you that you have an ally in place who is aware of your fate, he is also willing to help the honored one in the future if my Master believes you mean him no harm. My master seeks only knowledge and truth, by the great god abadar he swears no intention of harm towards you or your companions unless you seek to hinder the truth from being brought to the light. another will approach you when he is sure of mutual benefit from such a meeting.”
the slave girl then got up and walked away ignoring many attempts to stop her. no one else in the room seems to have noticed the exchange and as Percius blinked at the light of the back door opening, she was gone.

It left Percius sitting slack-jawed. There was so much wrong with that he didn’t know where to begin. First the very thought of the master-slave dynamic made Percy sick to his stomach. Second, she had referred to him as “Blessed of Oriris”, which to Percy’s knowledge was not a title he had collected. In addition, Percy knew the feeling of playing “The Game” from his previous lives. That sickening yet exhilarating dance of politics and intrigue that ruled most countries. He had a feeling he was now a player in “The Game” most likely a pawn.

When he mind finally cleared Percius got up from the table and went outside to find the woman, but she was gone, it had only been moments so either she was very quick or disturbingly effective at hiding herself. He sat there in the quite street of dawn looking around. As the few passers walked by on thier was to open shops for the morning he wondered what he had gotten himself into.



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Percius' Travels
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