Verhan Wyvernstone


Name: Verhan Wyvernstone
Age: 20 something


Str 8
Con 14
Dex 15
Int 17
Wis 15
Cha 9

Chef Extraordinaire 4
Occult Librarian 4

Well, he’s a strange one… (Weirdo)
Comprehend the Incomprehensible
Why are you looking at that? (Morbid Curiosity)
So many walls, so little time.
What if he was made of wood? (Overly literal) (JC)
Perceus Can’t See the Obvious
Where’d the Nerd Come From? (Sarge)
And don’t forget the crazy!


AC 14
PD 13
MD 14

Sword Dmg: 1d8 + 2
Hit: 4

HP: 24
Recoveries: 8
Recover Roll: 1d6+2
Initiative: Dex + Imp Ini + Lvl = 7
Racial: Quick to Fight

Class Features

Arcane Implements
Delayed Magical Healing
Focus and Spellcasting
Karmic Rebuke
Spell Choices and Flexible Recharge

Hewer of Truth
You have a personal edged weapon that is a metaphor for your
ability to cut through reality. If you slice through reality with
elegant sweeps, you have a slightly curved sword. If you hack
reality apart, maybe it’s a battleaxe. And when you swing that
weapon, it’s more than a metaphor.
Mechanically speaking, you can use an edged melee weapon
without an attack penalty. You can use Intelligence instead of
Strength for your attack rolls with that weapon, and Wisdom
instead of Strength for your damage rolls. In addition, when you
hit an enemy engaged with you with a spell, you can cause a small
amount of extra harm to that foe with your weapon. The target

Superior Rebuke
They say not to judge, but you know better. Your disdain for
mortals is lethal, and you are not stingy in doling it out. The
first time each round that you expend your focus to cast a spell
as an interrupt action and fail to retain your focus, roll a d20
afterward. On an 18–20, you can also cast karmic rebuke as a free
action, using that roll in place of your attack roll. You can use this
talent again during a later round in the battle once you have your
focus again.

Brain Melting Secrets
You have looked upon reality squarely, with no veil, smoke, or
mirrors. It would be more than enough to drive any other mortal
mind insane. When you touch the minds of your enemies, you
reveal to them some small hint of the unsettling reality that you
know all too well. They try to not even look at you afterward. . . .
When you hit with a spell attack that deals psychic damage,
one target of the attack can’t attack you during its next turn this
battle unless you are the only nearby enemy.
Adventurer Feat: The effect works whenever you hit an enemy
with a spell, not only one that deals psychic damage

Warp Flesh
When you cast a spell that targets Mental Defense and the
target has a higher MD than PD, the attack “twists” and targets
PD instead. When a spell twists this way, it deals force damage
instead of its normal damage type.
The ability of the occultist to deal force damage demonstrates
that underneath surface phenomena, the worlds are composed of
force, but no one knows what that really means. Run with the
story-consequences of “flesh-warping” attacks as you wish.

4 Spells

Timely Mistake
Moment of Karma
Better Yet, Here
Inevitable Fall


Improved Initiative
Brain Melting Secrets


Verhan Wyvernstone

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