Some changes to Galorian setting (work in progress)

Changes to Galorian

First off Magic
Magic has always been a living thing on Galorian and during the peak of the Azlanti empire’s power they nurtured it like a favored pet. But after the Starfall Magic has been slowly ebbing. Some say it is on its death bed, others that like all things it just ebbs and flows. What ever the description magic has been weakening since the starfall. The first casualty was the loss of the ability to create true magic items. No one except the gods can create items except Potions, oils and Runes. And they are no where near as powerful as under the Azlanti. The second casualty of magic was the greater magics. Planar travel, extra planar summoning, wishes. And until recently the third casualty was Runes. With the fall of the Thassalonians it was feared we had lost the ability to create Runes. But recently The Pathfinder Society recovered the ability to make them from a Thassalonian Rune Lords crypt. And has shared the knowledge with the major magical academies. This has brought about hope that maybe Magic will return.

Galorian being Galorian though Just cause no one is making True magic Items does not mean there are not an abundance of them to be found by Adventuring.

Second off the god’s.

As per the contract forged by Asmodeus to fight Rovagug, the god’s may not directly interfere with things on Galorian. However Asmodeus left a loophole for himself that the others have learned to use as well. The loophole is called “Influence” and it allows the gods to bend fate for their chosen on Galorian. The Chosen are Pieces in a Planar chess game played out on Galorian and they are the hero’s and villains of Galorian. All PC’s are chosen. But the loophole has a flaw. And that is free will. It is up to the Chosen to choose when and how to bend fate for their deity, or for themselves. the god can only whisper in their ear to try and influence them.

Third is the Pathfinder Society.

The PFS is now more active in the Inner Sea. Seeking to find and study all true magic items. They allow for those deemed safe to re enter circulation. But those the mysterious Organizations leaders deem to powerful are locked away deep inside the societies vaults on Absalom. This has made them more of a political threat and thus their agents are even more despised and mistrusted as they are seen, at best as magic police and worst as thieves of what magic is left on Galorian

fourth Travel and Commerce.

The lack of the major magics for travel have made the countries of the inner sea even more remote. Travel is harsh and dangerous. But it still takes place. But for the common man in any given country it is only through the tales of bards and the rare instance of a face to face encounter with an actual adventurer that they learn anything of what goes on elsewhere in the world. This is probably the only saving grace of the PFS as their monthly publications distributed by their agents help bridge the lack of knowledge making it a bit easier for people to learn of things outside their country.

Commerce is a big deal and Trade routes are guarded fiercely and the best avenues of travel between countries. Along with typical Commerce though, the governments of the inner sea all look to acquire as much magic as they can to keep the power the Pathfinders are amassing in check. So Magical Items are actually sought for and depending on the country paid for with princely rewards. In other countries they are simply rested by force from the hands of those who found them. In still others the governments use thieves to steal them from the unwary adventurer. But regardless of means. Magic is as much a part of the world economy as traditional trade goods. However the Adventurer must always be wary of how and when he unloads his glowing sword of Spider slaying. Of course you could always give it to the Pathfinders.

Fifth the rise of the monsters.

Galorian has never been a “safe” lace to live. But with the ebbing of magic. Monsters have grown more prominent. They roam more freely and provide much for the chosen to do on behalf of their Deities. Some whisper in the dark that the Monsters are merely the Chosen of Lamashtu and maybe even Rovagug’s remaining influence on the world.

Some changes to Galorian setting (work in progress)

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