Spell Reseaarch

So i am going to add flavored magic spells from the Deep Magic Supplement for 13th age over the course of the adventure. however you will not just find a piece of paper and be able to prepare the spell on it

there will be three ways you can prepare Ancient Spells

Researching ancient manuscripts that contain arcane Lore then recreating the spell.
Finding an ancient spell tome and deciphering the arcane formulas.
and in the case of divine casters learning of the spell through research and then petitioning your god to gift you the spell.

researching the spell requires research points. each arcane manuscript or tome you find that is not just a spellbook will grant a number of arcane research points and reveal the name of one or more spells and their levels. each new spell takes 10 research points per level of the spell to discover its efects and another 5 per level of the spell to re create the spell. once spent research points are lost to a specific person. but multiple people ma.y use the same material to generate and spend research points. example you find several scrolls labled in ancient osirion as the scrolls of the kingfishers. in it you descover the existance of a new spell called the blades of Ptah it is a level 1 spell. the scrolls together grant 20 research points. you could spend 1o of those to learn that the spell is an enchantment that makes a single blade sharp for the duration of combat. giving it a +1 damage per die per level it is cast at and giving the u want to leweapon double damage on the next even attack roll (triple if it crits) this is a cool spell and you decide you want to reccreate it. it takes you 5 research points to do so leaving you 5 points to spend on a future research project. research takes 1 hour per point spent. so to research and recreate this spell would take 15 hours.

Finding an ancient spell tome or book or scroll. this is by far the simplest but actually takes a skill check. it is a DC 15 +1 per spell level skill check and can be attempted once per level. success adds the spell to the list of spells you can prepare. it does not destroy the original. so with the above spell it would be a DC 16 check to learn.

Divine casters who discover a spell from either source above may petition their deity to be gifted the new spell. this will require a daily ritual for a number of days equal to 5 + the level of the spell. the ritual is linked to your god and will require an appropriate sacrifice in the ritual.

best of all is the fact that all of the above materials used to learn spells (except ritual components) can be sold after you are done using them for a profit. so you get both new spells and cool magic loot to sell off.

Spell Reseaarch

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