Mummies Mask Online

Havoc's Story

When you first arrive at Sothis in Osirion, your party is met by a local Government functionary who takes you to an INN where many foreigners stay. the Inn is a large squat structure that seems to be built down into the ground rather than up like other cities. upon entering the INN you notice something that puts you at ease. the Bartender in the corner of the common room is polishing a plaque with the holy words of Caiden Cailien on them. During your time in Sothis you strike up a friendship with the man and he introduces you to the hookah and local brews. when you leave he slips you a note. it says simply “your mug can overflow, but it is a waste if it is not to fill another’s . be ready to celebrate and share the adventure.”

Havoc raises his sword in salute to the priest and says. (still sheathed blade down.) "I thank you for your company and wisdom, May your mug never run empty, May your enemies trip on there own blood. I shall follow your advice and share my full mug with others that are worthy. He then walks out of the inn into the hot sun


raylyynsedai raylyynsedai

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