for the love of loots

some things to keep an eye out for during looting…

Obviously magic items. cause duh!!!

ancient osirions buried their dead with food. the richer folks buried their dead with rich food. and some times they could even afford a ritual spell to preserve those things called a keeping. these well preserved snacks and drinks are worth a lot to the rite buyer.

Art work. and not just the pretty wall hangings. especially religious or military.

Books. every book has a buyer. even the children ’s books.

weapons, even the rusty kind can be f interest to modern smiths for style and technique study. and of course if it is of a strange metal or has some odd design well collectors mite just be looking for that too.

Scrolls. unlike books scrolls are more delicate. and often are thus worth more if found intact or even mostly intact.

herbs… hey dried plants are good for a lot of things in Wati. least of which is the numerous Hookah parlors.

Jewelry, even of the costume kind may be worth more than it looks. it is the fashion rite now in the Courts of Sothis (capital of Osirion) to wear the ancient jewelry

Corpses… well you know the priests will frown on it. but rumors say that some of the underside of the city may pay well for preserved bodies. if you can get them past th pharasmin guards at the wall into the necropolis

Booze. ok so in the middle of the freaking Desert water is king. but booze is a close second the more aged it is the better to the lush’s of Wati.

in the market places of Wati you will find vendors buying and selling all of the Above things. do not be afraid to browse them. even if it is not magical you may find a use for something being sold at one of the shops.

Some special uses

Books mite be used to give one time +1 bonuses to skill checks
Artwork may contain Historical information giving players a +1 to knowledge checks
Scrolls could have a prayer or formula for a family herbal remedy
I think you get the idea…. mundane loots have uses.


Items labeled as masterwork either are crafted from non standard materials (like mithral) or are crafted for a specific non magical small bonus… all have a story if not a mechanical purpose. and thus are not only valuable to the players but to NPC’s

I will give any crunchy bonuses to Masterwork when you discover them. do not expecct the bonuses to be the same every time. one mithral chain shirt may be light and airy, perfect for hot weather use, another may be super finely woven giving it a bonus versus natural claws and teeth cause they cannot gain purchase.

we will see what it is when you find the items :)

for the love of loots

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